Evil Biden

Progressive Democrats have been running social media campaigns to encourage people to vote for Biden because they see a second term under Trump as a worse alternative than an evil Biden presidency. Yet these campaigns ignore a major problem: our American standard of evil has changed radically over the past four years, and comparing Biden to the image of Trump is a dangerous fallacy. Instead of promoting the progressive message that Biden is a lesser evil, such campaigns reinforce the distorted vision of what constitutes evil in America.

The Biden family has been accused of using their influence to get their son a government job in the Ukraine. However, the elder Biden denied Trump’s allegations, and the Biden campaign refused to retract the comments. Even though Trump’s comments clearly demonstrated that Biden’s influence does not pose a legitimate threat to the country, Biden’s campaign has continued to defend himself and the Clintons. Ultimately, Biden’s election campaign has failed to win over the American people and their country.

In addition, many Americans believe that the US is worth saving, and have organized mass mobilizations to fight fascism. Nevertheless, mainstream media announced that Biden will be the 46th President. This led to mass reactions and sighs of relief from many Americans. Sadly, this trend continues. This is a sign that the US government is in trouble. We have a legitimacy crisis and the Biden government is a perfect example. Currently, twenty to twenty percent of Americans think the government is un-legitimate. This sentiment is shared by the Democrats as well as the Republicans.

Fortunately, there are other reasons to be skeptical of the Biden candidacy. For one, his lack of knowledge of the politics of racism and the ultimate promoter of violence. And while Martin Luther King understood that systemic racism must be confronted and eliminated, Biden has not shown the grit that makes him the ideal candidate for President. Rather, he opts for a diplomatic and non-disruptive approach to racism.

It’s important to remember that the Democratic Party cannot defeat the duopoly that is Donald Trump. The socialist movement must be militant in its approach to politics and to build a militant working-class political alternative. This is the only way to defeat the Democrats. However, we must not let ourselves be fooled into falling behind. We must work to build a militant political alternative that can take on the Democrats. Only then can we stand against the evil Biden and the fascist policies that are part of them.

Joe Biden’s record in the recovery from the recession shows that he is no friend of the working class. His website touts his recovery experience from 2009, when the Obama-Biden recovery had pushed an entire generation of people into crippling student debt and forced millions out of their homes. The fact that Biden is proud of overseeing the recovery from the recession is telling. He will continue the policies of Barack Obama. It’s time to elect a president that stands up for the working class.