Evil Biden

The election of Barack Obama has once again exposed the vile nature of evil Biden. His followers have called for more riots in cities and a mass defunding of the police. The super-wealthy have funded these “social justice” movements in order to create the illusion of share-and-care government. But the result will be the government of the rich, with billionaires owning all means of production. That is the underlying philosophy of the “War on Drugs” which Biden has promoted.

According to a report by Politifact, a network of non-governmental organizations was behind this fraudulent ballot-trafficking scheme. The man claimed to be one of many paid to collect and deliver absentee ballots during early voting periods. This is not the first example of this type of election fraud; a number of other cases have been documented. Fortunately, it is not as widespread as it once was, but it does point to the nefarious nature of the’system.’

While this may be a shocking revelation, the new administration is still pursuing the same strategy. As President-Elect Obama was careful to emphasize in his campaign, he congratulated Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu for their victories. The president-elect will not object to the fascism of Modi and Netanyahu, but he will continue to pursue aggressively against China and the rest of the world. So how can we make this president-elect a president we can trust?

We know about Biden’s record on the Middle East. Biden’s stance on the Keystone Pipeline will be counterproductive to the climate pact and will harm the United States’ economy. Additionally, the proposed pipeline from Russia to Germany will only benefit Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies. However, Biden’s past record as a centrist politician makes it hard to make a sound judgment about his future policies.

In the first instance, the evil Biden’s lobbyists made clear that he is not above getting paid for his work. Then, as we saw in the case of GB News, he has been lobbying for several billion dollars. In other words, he has taken money from the highest bidder. Those who have seen his work have made the right decision. There are two possible scenarios: he has been getting paid to lobby on behalf of Russian interests, but he has not refunded the money.

As we can see, the secret government of America is not a myth. Indeed, they are in power and have been for centuries. The ‘Traumatic Trifecta’ is a warning about a military airlift for the elites over Washington D.C. Biden will not back down, unless it suits him. The US government is currently suffering from a legitimacy crisis, with approximately twenty-five percent of voters claiming it is not legitimate.