Evil Biden

There are many things to dislike about Evil Joe Biden, but let’s take a look at some of the facts first. Biden is the son of former Vice President Joseph Biden, who has been a political and personal foe of Donald Trump. It is hard to believe that he is the President of the United States, but that’s the way it is. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes him so dangerous.

The first thing to note is the way he talks about “immigration.” The Vice President is talking about “Patriot Act II,” which will help the government track down and prosecute illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, prosecutors are usually neoliberal and right-wing. The law is motivated by fear. People who have little or nothing in the US, or even those who are simply keeping their heads above water, see that it could happen to them and their family members.

The US government has a legitimacy crisis. Several recent polls show that twenty to twenty-five percent of voters believe that the current government is not legitimate. This is true for both Republicans and Democrats. In fact, Democrats are no better, with more people believing that their government is illegitimate than the current president. They are also ignoring a recent poll which shows that Americans are more likely to support Republicans than Democrats. So, if you’re wondering how evil the US government is, just look at what’s going on.

In addition to being a racist, Evil Biden is a racist. He has assaulted women, bragged about assaulting women, and barged into dressing rooms while teenage girls were changing clothes. While Trump may claim to be the most benevolent president, his actions have not reflected the values of the United States. As President, he has committed over two thousand lies. Among them: he once told a lie about the size of a crowd at a rally.

If we are to judge evil by its morality, we must take a good look at the way people define evil. The Catholic Church and other religious leaders were vilifying both candidates. The Church’s leadership has done a good job of addressing the issues, but that doesn’t mean we should endorse them. Instead, we should let lay Catholic commentators condemn their candidates and encourage us to vote for those who share our values. You’ll feel more secure knowing that the Catholic Church does not approve of such behavior.