Progressive Democrats have launched a social media campaign to convince voters that a second term of Trump would be better for the nation than an Evil Biden presidency, painting the vice president as a lesser evil. However, the American standard of evil has changed dramatically over the last four years, and comparing Biden to the image of Donald Trump reinforces a distorted perception of evil. So, should we vote for Biden? Or should we reject him?

The FBI is looking into Hunter Biden’s father’s business interests. This father of two has not disclosed any business interests. Hunter Biden, however, said he sent emails to his father to pressure Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor because he didn’t want his father to be corrupt. But the FBI’s job is to protect Joe Biden and his family, and they did not disclose their business interests. The FBI’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s email contents is a good first step.

As far as the Obama administration goes, the Democrats are largely to blame. Joe Biden, however, has low approval ratings. A recent poll by Quinnipiac University revealed that a mere four-in-ten Americans approve of Joe Biden’s performance. His disapproval rating is even lower – 51 percent. But the approval ratings of the Democratic Party’s nominee are nearly identical. The Democratic Party is essentially to blame for the election-fraud that was perpetrated.

If we’re going to save the US from fascism, we must take out the president-elect, and stop the Darkness from gaining power. We must make Biden the target of our fight for the new world. It’s only fair that he be exposed to public scrutiny. If we can’t do that, our country will be a far more dangerous place than it is right now. But there is a way out.

The Democrats were swept up in the Democrat party’s triumph, and they assumed that their victory was an achievement for humanity. But in reality, Biden hasn’t shaken Congress and offers nothing to the masses. In fact, if this was the case, Democrats should have been able to win the election with a relatively easy margin. In the meantime, tens of millions of people are unemployed. Regardless of Biden’s rhetoric on the environment, he will continue to subsidize wars abroad.

Joe Biden’s liberal progressive stance would make him a dangerous vice president. His proposed ban on assault rifles, magazines, and high-capacity magazines is a racist dog whistle. It would be much more difficult to disarm an assault rifle than a handgun, and there is no reason to vote for an evil politician. And we can’t afford an evil Biden president. Let’s take a look at some of Biden’s past. If we’re looking for a President of Evil, we’d better make sure it’s not Joe Biden.

This election has already brought the specter of an Evil Biden. In its wake, Democrats have vilified both Biden and Trump for their stance on abortion. Obviously, abortion was a moral issue that was central to the election. This is a logical conclusion for those who believe in the existence of Evil. And we should stop them! Our Representatives in Congress need to act now and stop this devious and malicious plan.