Joe Biden is not the least evil candidate in the world. He’s the least popular candidate, but he is definitely more evil than the current president. If you’re still not convinced, consider this: if you’re an activist, you shouldn’t worry about what “evil” Biden has to offer. He’ll just serve as a scapegoat for those who don’t support his political views.

Evil Biden

While the current administration seems to be ignoring this fact, Biden has been active in using his filibuster power. The Democrat and the Republican Party are on the same page. This is not a good thing. It deepens the divide and breeds a new axis of evil. In contrast, the defeated Confederacy is re-emerging to push its toxic brand of American evil. Thankfully, Biden has been honest about this.

The rage of the dispossessed is never acknowledged by Democrats. Despite his pro-vaccine agenda, the Democratic Party pushed through trade deals, deindustrialization, tax loopholes for the rich, and endless wars. This administration has a terrible reputation, but it has done nothing to help the American people. Indeed, it has done more harm than good. That is why he is unpopular. So far, Joe Biden is not worth electing – he has already lost the trust of the American people.

The rightwing government is ignoring international law and encroaching on human rights. Totalitarian North Korea and other criminal regimes are not welcome in the United States. Nevertheless, illiberal Thailand, Venezuela, and Iran keep their supposedly democratic systems. This is a bad thing for the Democratic Party. These are not the best things for the country. Therefore, we must resist him and vote for the Democrat who represents us.

The left-wing media is trying to convince hesitant Democrats to choose Biden by making a video about vaccine mandates. However, the right-wing media has been largely positive about President Biden, while right-wing media is overwhelmingly negative. While the left-wing media is positive, they also tend to be biased in their content. So, why should we vote for the evil man? The Democratic Party has no problem in promoting him as the lesser of two evils.

As a politician, Joe Biden should be in prison. He has been working with President Obama to turn the U.S. into a socialist nightmare, but he knows that talking about new beginnings in the Arab world is not enough. He should be fighting for the top bunk in prison. There’s no way he’ll be able to deal with it. In fact, he’s the least of all evils, and a disaster to the world.

One example of the evil in Biden is his stance against the global liberal alliance against authoritarian regimes. The US is the leader of the alliance, and it aims to fight authoritarian regimes and strongman leaders around the world. By opposing this alliance, Biden is attempting to antagonise America’s allies. In such a case, the US would lose its reputation as an international leader.