There are many things that make Joe Biden Evil, but his most debilitating trait is his incoherence. Some even call his incoherence his most endearing quality. Yet, others are just plain outraged that a former vice president is willing to do such a thing. One thoughtful patriot summed it up best in an email newsletter that he sent to thousands of subscribers, “Evil Biden is a man who refuses to acknowledge his own failures.”

Evil Biden

There are many reasons to dislike Evil Biden. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who don’t like Trump, you’ll be surprised to learn that he’s no longer the best candidate. His stance on vaccinations is a disgrace to all who have had a vaccine, and he has been accused of using it as a political weapon. That’s not true. But his rhetoric is effective.

As Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden is expected to be the cure for division. But he’s only succeeding in escalating his pettiness and disdainful attitude towards non-voters. As the President of the United States, he promised to represent the interests of all citizens, and his own party, but his actions are bringing us closer together in a more dangerous world than we’ve ever known.

While we know that Joe Biden has a long criminal history, most progressives in the U.S. are unaware of his past political activism. Some argue that he’s uniquely dangerous, and anyone else is a better choice. However, Noam Chomsky argues that if we vote against Joe, we’re helping Hitler, who was the most dangerous president in history. So, it’s time to make up our minds about the next president. So, who is Evil?

Despite being an evil politician, Biden is a very good candidate to run for president in November. He has a very low approval rating and is often critical of the media. Despite his recent comments, he has a reputation for being “evil” and “disappointing”. His sexy ways are not a cause of worry; they’re just a convenient excuse. But if Biden is genuinely evil, the world will never be the same.

As President of the United States, Biden’s illegitimate actions and hypocrisy are alarming. His anti-vaxxer rhetoric prompted a backlash from the Iranian government, which had previously welcomed the candidate. He also called out the government of Iran as a hypocrisy of a “political enemy.” He pointed out that many other companies in the U.S. required vaccinations and cited the fact that “Fox” is a blatant example of a vaccine mandate.

As the current President of the United States, Joe Biden has made his political and social policies a priority. He has declared war on Syria on behalf of the working class. This is a dangerous threat to both the country and the global economy. The biden administration will be the first to put the United States on the defensive, while the socialist Obama administration will escalate the threat. In the end, we should demand an end to these imperialist policies and actions.