Globalist Takeover

The Globalist Takeover is a two-pronged assault on the United States that seeks to bend our system to international standards. In doing so, we compromise American exceptionalism and national autonomy, and we set a dangerous precedent that others will follow. But there are some crucial issues that we should examine to ensure that we are not complicit. First, let’s define what the Globalist Takeover is. And what will it mean for our nation?

The term “anti-globalism” is used to describe the agenda of globalists. This term has political power and a large audience, enabling anti-globalist groups to rally around the term. In the past few decades, the term “anti-globalism” was a synonym for globalization, a concept that liberal organizations had been criticizing for years. But today, the anti-globalist agenda is gaining in influence and is beginning to dominate public debate.