Globalist Takeover

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

The globalist takeover is a long-term threat to the United States, and the current administration is not immune to it. While the U.N. and George Soros are not globalists, they are in control of energy pricing and supply. And they have a representative in the Oval Office, which is an unholy alliance. It is important to remember that the New World Order is a conspiracy theory, not a reality. In the past, anti-globalist sentiments were fostered by groups such as the John Birch Society during the Cold War, but they were never mainstream. However, the virus of anti-globalism has since spread quickly, and today, is a pandemic.

There are several theories circulating online about Soros’ involvement with antifa groups, but the vast majority of these revolve around his funding of this extremist movement. There are also smaller conspiracy theories claiming that he is behind the COVID-19 virus. Others claim that Soros is behind the invention of biosensors, a technology that turns humans into cryptocurrency miners. And there are many other rumors that point to the globalist takeover.

Despite the recent upsurge of anti-globalist rhetoric, the anti-globalist movement is still small. While RefuseFascism protests drew few people, the rhetoric of the group has revived far-right John Birch Society paranoia and visions of military takeovers. In addition, some conspiracy theories have been inspired by Oath Keepers, a film inspired by Birch-style conspiracy theories.

While there is no definite evidence of globalist takeover, there are some worrying signs. One of these is the Trump administration’s decision to nominate Bannon, who runs Breitbart News. While Bannon is Bannon’s chief white house strategist, Alex Jones is one of the most popular and influential voices in the world’s internet. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Jones the most popular conspiracy theorist of the century. He has a large following of viewers on his website and calls the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax. The latest terrorist attacks, meanwhile, are an inside job.

Whether this is an illusion or real, climate change is wreaking havoc in the here and now. The Statue of Liberty has been melted by prairie fires the size of three Rhode Islands. In the past, Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico, and a global cabal led by billionaire Peter Thiel has been named as the most influential member of the Bilderberg Group. The Patriot movement, while ideologically distinct from neo-Nazis, is a reaction to the threats of globalization.

The recent attack on the US Capitol is a clear indication of the growing threat to the nation’s security. Despite a number of warnings from US officials, the “globalist takeover” is a serious threat to our homeland. While it may not directly involve foreign military action, it’s a clear sign of globalist takeover. Some people believe that the United States is under attack. This belief is a result of the current political climate, but the attack at the US Capitol shows the potential for violence.