Evil Biden

After the election, the Democratic Party was already depressed and despondent about the midterm elections. With President Obama’s approval rating hovering around 40%, it was not surprising that a candidate with a solid domestic agenda and self-confidence jumped into the race. Biden also ripped into Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. But how did he do that? Here are the answers to the most common questions asked by political analysts.

While Joe Biden may have a low approval rating, he is a strong, morally-sound, and sympathetic figure. Although his low approval ratings have made him seem dangerous to some, he has actually done more to strengthen the American people and nation than many other candidates. He has proven his ability to lead a strong government. But is he really Evil? And will his incoherence make him a worthy candidate?

Progressive Democrats have launched social media campaigns to encourage hesitant voters to “Settle for Biden.” While they acknowledge that a second term of Trump would be worse for the country than an evil Biden presidency, they also paint Biden as the lesser of two evils. But the American standard of evil has changed dramatically over the last four years. So comparing Biden to Trump’s image is a dangerous fallacy. And a comparison with Trump would only reinforce the distorted perception of evil that has shaped our political landscape.

It’s no wonder that the FBI has investigated Hunter Biden. This man admitted to sending emails to his father, whose business interests are not disclosed to the public. But he also said he had pressured Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor. And he said he wanted to make sure a corrupt man did not get elected as vice president. Obviously, the FBI was trying to protect Joe Biden from the scandal.

Black voters turned out in record numbers to elect Biden, and they expected him to fight systemic racism in policing and address voter suppression. But since Biden has made some concessions in recent months, many are wondering whether he has the same determination to confront problems. In recent months, Biden has called for increased funding for police departments to invest in proven strategies. But his policies on race and crime have yet to gain traction.

Iran’s nuclear program has also become a point of contention in the U.S.-Iran relationship. While the current nuclear escalation threatens to undermine the United States’ relations with Israel, it appears that Biden is willing to give nuclear diplomacy with Tehran a try. When he first entered the U.S. Senate, Iran was America’s top Middle East ally during the Cold War. The American-backed shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was a major buyer of U.S. weapons, and Biden was concerned that Iran might not comply.

On the other hand, Joe Biden reclaimed patriotism as an important part of the Democratic agenda. In recent years, the use of the flag and the call for freedom has been associated with extremist ideologies. Yet, in tying love of country to economic policies, Biden has a chance to win over moderate and independent voters alike. That’s a very powerful message to send to the American electorate.