Evil Biden

Is Joe Biden Evil?

As the Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden has received a mixed response from Democrats and Republicans alike. While the candidate has a low approval rating, his character is solidly moral. Although the current administration has a terrible track record of handling public issues, he has demonstrated a willingness to help people in the past. In addition, he has been a strong advocate for the common good. Despite his unfavorable reputation, Biden has remained a strong voice for America and he has worked hard to strengthen the country.

Biden has a reputation as an incoherent politician. Some critics point to the fact that he has a history of lying and is an incompetent communist. But that doesn’t mean he’s evil. His incoherence is actually one of his most endearing qualities. Furthermore, Biden’s inflammatory comments about the President and his family are just the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, the president has also made a habit of mocking Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. The latter has been ridiculed for her stance on abortion and other reproductive issues. As a result, the former Senator is attracting the attention of women, children, and the disabled. Yet, she has refused to endorse her own pet candidate, so she can get elected. Regardless, she will likely be the Democratic nominee in 2024.

In spite of the controversies and the media’s criticism, there are many good reasons to support Biden. His record in the Senate is impressive, and his candidacy shows the strength of his conviction. It will also help his chances of becoming President. And, unlike Trump, he’s the least evil of the evil candidates. If you’re in favor of Obama, he’ll likely do a great job.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton is more lenient and is more likely to support the same policies as Hillary Clinton. However, she’s not the only person who is a socialist. It’s not just her campaign platform that motivates her to support Biden. But she is also a part of the Sanders campaign. She is a close friend of Senator Bernie Sanders and has a strong relationship with him. As an American citizen, you’ll find her in the best company, because it’s the only one who can make the right decisions for America.

But if we want to fight the “evil” in politics, we need to take a closer look at Biden. This Democrat was one of the first senators to oppose the war on racism and discrimination. In a nutshell, he’s an anti-Semitic. By contrast, the Democrat is a liar. The Republican party, meanwhile, is the abomination of freedom.