Mike Lindell Says He Was Denied Entry at Republican Governors Event

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said he was turned away from the Republican Governors Association conference on Tuesday when he arrived at the event.

The story: Lindell, a conservative and staunch supporter of former President Trump, told Politico that he flew to Nashville on Tuesday to attend the Republican Governors Association (RGA) conference, which is scheduled to last for three days.

Once he arrived at Nashville’s JW Marriott Hotel, he got his credentials and tried to join the rest of the group at the conference when a coordinator at the event told him that he was not allowed at official RGA events.

An RGA official told reporter Daniel Lippman that Lindell tried to get into a dinner at the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion, home to Gov. Bill Lee (R). Lindell was denied access because he is not an RGA member, the official explained.

“These events are for RGA members, and Mike Lindell is not currently an RGA member,” the official said in a statement to Politico.

But, Lindell claimed that he was invited to the event and showed the publication a screenshot of an “RGA – Nashville Meeting” calendar entry that featured an attachment titled “Nashville Agenda.pdf.”

He also provided Politico with a schedule of the RGA conference events he said he received, which was labeled as “confidential,” as well as his “executive roundtable” badge to the conference.

The report notes that the Tuesday event was titled “executive roundtable reception and dinner.”

The MyPillow CEO said that he planned to stay in Nashville for the remainder of the conference but because of what happened he would leave the state that same day.

Worth noting: Earlier in the day, Lindell joined Steve Bannon’s radio show where he vowed to talk to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and RGA’s chair Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, about allegations of election fraud in their states.

Lindell was banned from Twitter, as well as the official account of his company, MyPillow. Last month, he said he would launch a new e-commerce platform to rival Amazon Inc.


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