Globalist Takeover

In this age of fear, the term “globalist takeover” is being bandied about. The recent attacks on the US Capitol are proof of this globalist conspiracy. In the very near future, the United States will be replaced by a global communist society. But in the interim, the CIA and NSA will run the show. That’s not too farfetched, is it? Here’s how it’ll happen.

The Globalist Takeover – What Are the Goals of Globalists? The United Nations has been instrumental in advancing the agenda of the globalist takeover. In fact, this organization has been partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security for years. They are both in the business of subjugating the world’s populace and denying American citizens freedoms. It’s all about money and power.

The leaders of the Globalist Takeover include George Soros, a former hedge fund owner who made his fortune during the early 1990s currency crisis. Anti-Semites have labeled him a Nazi collaborator, but that doesn’t mean he’s a globalist. It’s clear that globalists are working together to take over the United States. And if they are doing it, why not?

The New World Order is a threat to our country and is actively working to do so. In fact, they’re already doing so. The current US President, Donald Trump, is encouraging the globalist takeover. We must cooperate internationally to defeat this global force. The only way we can defeat globalists is through international cooperation. With international cooperation, we can defeat the globalists and their malign agenda. Our freedom depends on it.

The Trump administration has formed close alliances with fossil fuel execs, and is pushing to make the United States energy dominant. His ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Russian President Vladimir Putin have also strengthened the paranoia of the globalist takeover in Washington. This is because the Trump administration is a product of fossil fuels. These globalists want to make us suffer for it. These globalists are putting us in a world of perpetual war.

The conflict between globalists and nationalists is intensified by globalization, which blurs the boundaries between nation-states. Supporters of globalization are obsessed with the disappearance of nation-state borders, while conservative nationalists consider the destruction of national boundaries intolerable. Ultimately, these nationalists want to preserve cultural traditions and economic interests. So they must fight for these principles. If we fail to do that, the world will become a globalist nightmare.