Joe Biden has been a nefarious character in our recent history. He has spent much of his career working to turn our country into a nightmare. He is one of the least likeable Democratic politicians, according to Steven Salaita. Yet, we love him nonetheless. Despite the fact that he is the lesser evil, he is still the best choice for the Democratic nomination. And we’ll certainly vote for him if he has a better chance of winning than Trump.

Evil Biden

The rise of the evil Biden is a cause for alarm. Although many Americans support President Obama, his neo-liberal policies are a harbinger of evil to come. Indeed, the emergence of an anti-vaccine president is a sign of things to come. However, it should be remembered that the current administration is a part of the problem. In fact, several of its actions have been at the behest of the Democrats themselves.

Despite this, Democrats are trying to win over hesitant voters by mounting social media campaigns to convince them to “Settle For Biden.” The campaign acknowledges that another term of Trump would be far worse than a Biden presidency, but they try to portray him as the lesser of two evils. Of course, American standards of evil have shifted dramatically in the past four years. It’s not easy to be the lesser of two evils, but it’s important to remember that Biden is the less evil of the two.

While he was supposed to be the solution to racial and religious division, Biden’s record as a criminal has made him seem like an evil man. While there’s no evidence that he has committed crimes, his pettiness has led to him earning titles like “empathizer-in-chief” and a disdainful attitude toward non-voters. That’s a far cry from the empathetic Biden of a few years ago.

Despite the fact that Biden is the Democrat’s choice for the Democratic nomination, the current Democrat Party is not a partisan one. In fact, the Democratic Party has a long and colorful history, with Democrats embracing many conservative ideologies. It’s a joke. But there are those who disagree with such political ideas, and they are adamantly against them. It’s not hard to see why the Republican candidate is unpopular. Nevertheless, it’s not a coincidence that the Democrats are winning.

The Sanders campaign has made it clear that it is desperate for Biden to go left. This is a pathetic strategy for a socialist candidate. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for supporting a candidate who is not willing to make such sacrifices. In the end, the Democratic Party must be a “democratic” president. That is, they must reject all other forms of political correctness. Otherwise, they’ll be unable to win the presidency.