Voter Fraud

In the 2016 presidential election, candidate Trump claimed voter fraud and warned that it could cost him the election. He even created a special commission to investigate the problem, but it quickly disbanded without producing any evidence. Trump’s administration has shown little interest in dealing with documented threats to the integrity of our elections, including partisan gerrymandering and manipulated voting machines. The states are responsible for overseeing the balloting process.

While the incidence of “voter fraud” is relatively small, the consequences of a conviction are severe. An accused voter may be jailed and fined millions of dollars. Moreover, a tainted vote is unlikely to be a sign of voter fraud. A criminal defense attorney can help you defend yourself. By identifying any signs of voter fraud, you can protect your rights and avoid a conviction. While voter fraud is not a common occurrence, it should not be taken lightly.

One recent report found that automated voting systems, like Intelligentmatic, are vulnerable to hacking. The algorithm behind the voting system is so powerful, it can change millions of votes in a matter of seconds. The founder of this company even admitted to altering millions of votes. The fact that this technology is so widespread is alarming. It may mean that voting is harder for people than it is supposed to be. And the revolving door between politicians and businesses is a big reason for the vulnerability of voting systems.

While some Republicans are exaggerating the extent of voter fraud in the United States, the evidence is solid. Trump claims that the Democrats stole the election, and Ramsland and Merritt have shared their work with GOP lawmakers in Washington. Even eight-term Republican congressman Louie Gohmert shared Merritt’s research on the issue. For more information about this issue, visit the links below. They will help you learn more about voter fraud.

In another example of voter fraud, a non-citizen was convicted of two counts of voting fraud. She claimed that she was a citizen, but in fact, she was not. She lied on her voter registration forms because she didn’t have proper identification, so she couldn’t afford to register. She is now facing deportation from the United States after eight years. In addition to this, the robocall she was caught making was recorded.

In addition to voting fraud, ballot-box stuffing can also be a cause of abnormally high voter turnouts. The resulting results of affected polling stations will show a single candidate. Graphing the votes versus turnout percentage can be a great way to visualize the extent of voter fraud in an election. The results of polling stations that are stuffed with votes are often very obvious and can be determined by the number of spikes near the round-number turnout percentage.

While the United States election was highly scrutinized by the Justice Department, there was a lot of evidence that some of the voting systems were not properly secured. The company that made the software manipulated the numbers. In one state, Hugo Chavez was a close friend. He knew about it when several states shut down their voting process. In fact, he was also one of the first people to accuse Dominion Voting Systems of voter fraud.