Voter Fraud

The Democrat Secretary of State made up the story of Voter Fraud. The truth is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of witnesses to vote fraud. The state of Pennsylvania is not immune from voter fraud. However, the scandal is particularly troubling, as it happened in the last election. It’s also one of the most corrupted, so far, and it’s worth examining why. This article will explore some of these issues.

In the 2016 election, candidate Trump falsely claimed there was a “major” case of voter fraud. He warned of losing the election, claiming there were millions of fraudulent votes cast against him. He then appointed a special commission to investigate the problem, but this group disbanded itself in early 2018, without producing any evidence. There is a growing body of evidence that the Trump administration is ignoring documented threats to election integrity. In addition to voter fraud, there are numerous other documented threats to election integrity, including partisan gerrymandering and the oversight of balloting by partisan officials.

Many of these attacks are based on software that’s been crafted with many back doors and variables. These sophisticated programs can be hooked up to the internet and run on a thumbdrive, so that it can change the votes of any candidate. Luckily, there is a solution to the problem, and it’s called “voter fraud software.”

The challenges to US democracy began even before Donald Trump’s election. Intensified political polarization, declining economic mobility, and the outsized influence of special interests have all contributed to the erosion of democratic norms. In the US, the President has taken steps to erode the checks and balances of power. In addition to the challenges of voter fraud, other threats to democratic governance include surveillance programs and the rise of populist demagogues.

Dominion voting machines were vulnerable to hacking. Even a cell phone with a hacking tool could access a Dominion voting machine. Because Dominion has no oversight, some employees admitted to adding Trump votes to Biden’s votes. In addition, the software allows voters to drag their votes to a preferred candidate and to discard the rest. This is how voter fraud works and why a thorough investigation is necessary.

The Trump campaign isn’t the only one filing a voter fraud lawsuit. Judge Russell found the evidence offered by the Trump campaign to be of little or no value. The judge said that the Trump campaign’s evidence was “questionable.”