Voter Fraud

If you have ever wondered if there is a connection between election fraud and electronic voting machines, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of conspiracy theory surrounding this issue, but a recent report from the RNC’s own legal team points to some key similarities. First, both parties rely on electronic voting systems, which are inherently insecure. Secondly, there’s a revolving door between politics and business. That means that some companies are interested in hacking votes.

This phenomenon is known as smart voting. When a voter casts a ballot, the computer flips it according to its algorithm. This allows the operators of Smartmatic to manipulate the results of elections. The founder of this company admitted that he changed millions of votes using an algorithm. The resulting election results show that a rogue computer program is to blame. While this is far from the only method of voter fraud, it is a major red flag for suspicious activities.

As a result, absentee ballots are vulnerable to fraud. Poll workers in Philadelphia were told not to ask people to provide photo IDs. This meant that illegal immigrants would be able to vote. In Camden, residents voted without having to show photo ID. The Trump campaign is still pursuing this case, but it’s clear that they’re concerned. However, they don’t have much evidence to back up their claims.

Some people may have been unaware that they had already voted. In Pennsylvania, there were other fraudulent practices committed by Democrat bosses. In fact, many precincts don’t have 100% turnout. Moreover, many voters simply walked in and thought they had already voted. However, the Democrat election machines recorded the votes of 15,000 people. In addition, witnesses claimed that the machines assigned ballots to candidates like Rudy Giuliani, even though they didn’t show up.

There were thousands of cases wherein voter data were altered to boost a particular candidate. In many states, the election was rigged by massive amounts of fraudulent ballots. In some states, these votes were trashed like a file, and injected with votes for Biden. That explains why Biden won Georgia, and millions of others. The evidence that this happened is clear. And we can’t wait to see what happens when we can finally put this sham to rest.

A judge in Nevada ruled against the Trump campaign on a major voter fraud lawsuit, rejecting the campaign’s claims that it was a victim of voter fraud. The judge also dismissed the claims of out-of-state voters, deceased voters, and impersonated voters. However, the judge ruled that the evidence presented by the Trump campaign had little to no value. Despite the court’s ruling, this case remains a hot topic in politics.

As an example, consider the case of Bush V Gore. In this case, the judge ruled that the government should provide equal protection to people accused of voting fraud. While the case itself may seem controversial, it shows that there’s much more to the issue than that. The court’s ruling on equal protection, however, was far from perfect. A similar situation occurred in Ohio in the 2016 presidential election. The decision reflects the current state of our democracy and the importance of equal protection for everyone.